Jamie Balfour BSc

Welcome to my personal website!

Technology enthusiast

I am very interested in technology, particularly relating to computer science. I am most interested in web design and development.

My main hobby is programming. One of my most well known products from this is ZPE. I also am the sole creator of BalfBlog, BalfBar and BalfSlider.

A little bit about me

In 1997, when I was six years of age, I got my very first computer. I was always very interested in the ins and outs of it and dismantled it to see how it worked.

Years later, in 2016 I received my BSc (with honours) in Computer Science, obtaining a First class degree.

I'd like to welcome you to my website and hope you enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed building it!

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Jamie Balfour BSc
Full stack developer

MySQL tutorial

MySQL is one of the most used relational database management systems (RDMS) in the world. Facebook and Twitter both use this. This tutorial will teach you the basics of SQL.

Part 1 - An introduction

1.1What this tutorial is

Part 2 - Getting started

2.1The basics of an RDBMS
2.2Connecting to MySQL
2.3MySQL types
2.4Databases and tables

Part 3 - SQL basics

3.1Inserting data into tables
3.2Retrieving data from tables
3.3Using conditions
3.4Removing data from tables
3.5Modifying data in a table
3.6SQL dates

Part 4 - Joining tables

4.1Basics of joins
4.2Inner joins
4.3Left and right joins

Part 5 - Advanced SQL

5.1Functions in SQL
5.2Ordering and grouping results in SQL
5.3Views in SQL
5.4SQL injection
5.5SQL transactions

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