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I am so proud to finally be releasing a free to use ribbon for the web. This project was inspired by working in the classroom with Microsoft Office 2010. I then had a look at already existing projects such as the one found here.

Me being me, I decided I'd rather write my own one. I am so proud to announce, a fully working ribbon (more features will come in the future.)

Please note, although the ribbon runs in a frame here, it is not required. I simply do this so my own website stylesheets do not affect it.

Welcome to my page on JBRibbon. This project was started on 23rd of November 2015 at 23.40 as a spontaneous project I suddenly thought of. Since then I have been using it in one of my own projects called ClickIt. I have built this lightweight ribbon bar in very little time, but I don't see any bugs being possible at this point in time.

At the moment, there are just a few themes. I only added the blue theme as an opportunity to test it out with the interface. It's quite nice, but it's really just for testing.