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Technology enthusiast

I am very interested in technology, particularly relating to computer science. I am most interested in web design and development.

My main hobby is programming. One of my most well known products from this is ZPE. I also am the sole creator of BalfBlog, BalfBar and BalfSlider.

A little bit about me

In 1997, when I was six years of age, I got my very first computer. I was always very interested in the ins and outs of it and dismantled it to see how it worked.

Years later, in 2016 I received my BSc (with honours) in Computer Science, obtaining a First class degree.

I'd like to welcome you to my website and hope you enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed building it!

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Jamie Balfour BSc
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As the title states, Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S4 without an octa-core CPU in the UK. The news comes as a shock after Samsung had announced that the new S4 would feature an octa-core CPU but it was confirmed on Omio.

The octa-core CPU that is included in the US version is similar to how the Intel Core 2 Quad (comprised of two Intel Core 2 Duo dies on the one chip and a shared L2 cache). In this case with the Exynos 5 Octa it works with two CPUs (two quad core CPUs in this case) and the instructions are spread between the two.

As such it would be the first phone to feature an octa-core CPU in the world, but for now it is just the first in the US.

My rant for today is with littering in the UK. I was on my way home from the local town, and as I was passing a house, I looked at the grass just outside their house and something that really annoys me is that they clearly spend a lot of time and money on their house, but people just do not seem to care and throw litter out in the direction of their grass.

Here's the other part of the story. When I was out shopping at a supermarket, people who had clearly been to McDonalds had just finished their food and they just opened the door and put it on the ground, now I don't get so annoyed when they do this in the McDonalds car parks (I don't like it but McDonalds put the Drive Thru and car park there), but when they do it in a car park for a supermarket, that's just plain lazy. Especially saying as the bin was about 3 cars away. It's also just disrespectful.

We have finally arrived at a new government! I must say, after 13 years of Labour it is exciting (but the Tory part is not so exciting), but I do not know if it is what I want. The only reason that I can possibly say that I would enjoy having this new government is because the Liberal Democrats will be holding some key places in it hopefully. None the less, I am in preference to Labour than the Conservatives, but I am going to give this new coalition a chance and see how it goes.

I wish the new government the best of luck!

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