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VPS versus Shared Hosting

29 Apr 2017 at 12:40
Since I've become more interested in having my own server the thought of VPS came to mind.

When I first started my website in 2010 I never once thought I'd be interested in web development and server stuff. I only actually started my website as a way of getting information about my software out there. I never saw it as a way for me to learn a new technology or to experiment with new things.

As time has gone on, my demand for new stuff on my web server has gone up and now I'm at the stage where I've become not only a competent web developer, but I now have a lot of experience with Linux servers (my job is spent half of the time doing things like server administration in Linux).

So without further ado, the main subject of this post. I bought a VPS package very recently and started a new website.

Well, I will one day transfer this website across to it, but for now I am experimenting with one or two things.

So I decided to compare my current shared hosting package with the VPS package in terms of performance using a PHP script shown below:

time php -r 'for($i = 0; $i < 100000; $i++) echo $i;'

and here's the results:

real 0m0.122s

user 0m0.038s

sys 0m0.078s

real 0m0.880s

user 0m0.144s

sys 0m0.248s

As you can see, the first set of results are much better and that's because they are the VPS results. Despite the VPS package only having 512MB of RAM and 1 core vs 3GB of RAM and 4 cores on the shared package, the performance is still much higher (I was originally concerned there might be a problem with performance here because of the lack of cores).

So there you have it, the difference is quite substantial and may mean that I change my own site to VPS, particularly because it will allow me to experiment with things.