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Personal Blog

So you already know about some of the new features of ZPE 1.5.3, including the new free to use parser that can be part of any project. But there's also another change coming.

ZPE 1.5.3 is a bit of a minor update in terms of features, but it brings in a sweeping change. 

I'm talking about a change that brings a change to something from version 1.3.2. One of the first features added to ZPE way back when it kicked off again in 2015 was associative arrays - almost identical to PHP's associative arrays. They were different to lists in the sense that they mapped values. Well, whilst version 1.5.3 is not a huge update, the update brings a huge change to associative arrays.

You declare an associative array as below:

$assoc = {50 => 10, 10 => 50}

But now, the same associative array is written very similarly to a mix between that and defining a list:

$assoc = [50 => 10, 10 => 50]

The update's purpose is to inline both associative arrays and lists and to free up the curly brace.

Also, I am changing the accessor symbol from => to -> for objects.