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Personal Blog

Since I started my website, I've been putting in loads of little things that make my site more attractive.

In my eyes, CSS is one of the best things to come to the world, because with it your creativity can flow wildly and you can build sexy sites.

Anyway, enough about that and enjoy some of my favourite styles and features of my site. Each of these elements is entirely my own work - none of the styles are taken from others. This post will not be focusing on my blog although I created it.


My note is used to represent something of importance that should be noted.

Code sample

My code sample is used to hold a piece of code in it.

Data table

My data table is used as a table designed for holding data, rather than being used for any form of layout. The black style was inspired by the dark mode on my site.

The inline code sample

My inline code sample is used to put code in the middle of a paragraph of text.

The tooltip

My tooltip is used within an article or page to represent information that should likely be already known and is left out of the main body of the article. Hovering the text will make the tooltip bubble visible.

The image frame

My image frame is designed to hold an image. It also has space for a caption below.

The block image frame

My block image frame is different to my standard image frame in that it will take precisely 50% of the content space (minus padding and margins) and if another image goes to the side will begin floating to one side.

The photo gallery album container

The album container is a feature of my photo gallery that many find particularly nice. This is used to hold a front photo of a collection of photos.

Colourful lists

In Novemeber, one of the features I decided to build was a collection of different colourful lists. A few have said they are very full of character and bring some nice new design features to my site.

The floating logo

I've had loads of comments from people who like my logo, but also people liking the fact it floats over the page.

The lined document

This document style that looks like a lined piece of paper was designed for keeping notes on my site. I use it in the University section.

A lot of this has now changed since this went mostly on a skeumorphic design pattern.

Whilst PlayStation Home may have been one of those games you maybe didn't think much of, it was a hugely popular game, racking up 31 million users (March 2013, according to Wikipedia). 

PS Home was one of my favourite things on PS3 and sadly it's about to come to an end. On March 31st 2015, PS Home will be retired for once and for all. To some this is very sad.

I bought just a few things throughout the time I spent on PS Home, but those few things were enjoyed by myself along with others greatly. 

Sadly, this is another PlayStation game service that is about to lose it's online play, just as MGS4 did a couple of years back (only two months after I bought the map pack for the game it was announced that it was to close - I was not happy).