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New CSS features (May 2019)
23 May 2019 / The Web
Here's a look at some of the new features to CSS as of May 2019
The Apple keyboard problem
10 May 2019 / Technology
Apple has a problem. I think it's time they addressed this.
The Right To Repair (and why it matters)
24 Apr 2019 / Technology
Being able to repair your own technology is great for someone like me. But a world without the ability to do this is becoming the norm.
Effective formative assessment
21 Jan 2019 / Education
What constitutes effective formative assessment? In this article I look into what I understand effective formative assessment to look like.
How did AMD manage to make Threadripper so powerful?!
07 Jan 2019 / Technology
AMD's Threadripper is a beast. But how can it have 64 cores in a world where 4 cores is the norm?!
Is the sun finally Ryzen for AMD? A look at how AMD has changed.
20 Dec 2018 / Technology
AMD have long been in the shadow of Intel. But is it finally time for them to Ryzen shine? I take a look at how AMD has changed over the years and how they are finally getting there with the Ryzen CPUs.
Is the sun finally Ryzen for AMD? A look at how AMD has changed.
Giving more power to the browser (and JavaScript)
17 Oct 2018 / The Web
We are always giving more to JavaScript, but is this a good thing? In this article I'm exploring some very basic reasons why security has improved in our browsers and why JavaScript is no longer the threat it used to be.
What a URL tells the world and how to make effective URLs
15 Sep 2018 / The Web
URLs are one of the best methods for describing content before it is visited and therefore the way they are written is important.
Messing about with new CSS features
29 Jul 2018 / The Web
In this article I am demonstrating a few new features coming soon to a browser near you.
The biggest hog in ZPE
11 May 2017 / Technology
ZPE has been gradually getting faster and faster due to more optimisations at compile time, however, this month I began to really delve into the deep end and found some new ways that ZPE can be optimised. In this post I will discuss exactly what I'm going to do in order to do this.