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Welcome to my personal website!

Technology enthusiast

I am very interested in technology, particularly relating to computer science. I am most interested in web design and development.

My main hobby is programming. One of my most well known products from this is ZPE. I also am the sole creator of BalfBlog, BalfBar and BalfSlider.

A little bit about me

In 1997, when I was six years of age, I got my very first computer. I was always very interested in the ins and outs of it and dismantled it to see how it worked.

Years later, in 2016 I received my BSc (with honours) in Computer Science, obtaining a First class degree.

I'd like to welcome you to my website and hope you enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed building it!

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Jamie Balfour BSc
Full stack developer

Welcome to my personal website. My name is Jamie Bonnar Balfour. In June 2016 I graduated with a first class BSc (with honours) degree in Computer Science.

This website is entirely my own work, built with pure HTML and CSS and powered by my own DragonScript, BalfBar, BalfSlider and Dash.

My website is powered by several of my own products including DragonScript, Dash (blogs, articles and reviews content management system), BalfBar (the menu), BalfSlider (the image slideshows) and my website is entirely coded by me (there are small things like Magnific Popup and reveal.js that I use by others).

My website is the hub for everything I do, so if you want to know about something I do, there will be something about it on here!

If while you are visiting my website you wish to get in touch, please use the contact page on my website or the contact form to get in touch. I always love to read peoples' comments. However, I'm highly sought after and often very busy as a result so replies may take time for me produce.

What I like doing

Web development



Working with tech


Video editing



My tutorials

If you are interested in learning any of the programming languages I know, I have written several tutorials on my website. These tutorials are designed as step-by-step guides to the languages that are taught in them rather than reference guides to each part so if you are just beginning these are a great place to start. I'm a huge fan of constructive learning which has been my main form of learning the different programming languages and general skills that I know now and is also the form of learning I encourage in these tutorials.

Learn to program with my tutorials
Learn to program with my tutorials

A bit more about me

Wordle for Jamie Balfour

I started programming software in 2005, when I was in my third year of high school. Back then I used Visual Basic 6 (although I was teaching myself VB.NET and C#.NET at the same time).

I am very interested in computer science and programming. As a result, I have worked on several personal projects. Some of my these are on my website and many are available for download.

I also like to write about the latest technology in my articles and reviews.

My most popular articles and reviews include:

Projects and skills

var jamie = {
	"name" : "Jamie Balfour",
	"projects" : [
		"jamiebalfour.com", "Zenith Parsing Engine",
		"Dash", "BalfBar",
		"BalfSlider", "BalfRibbon",
		"BBCL", "Painter Pro",
		"Cobweb Internet Browser"
	"languages"  : [
		"C", "C#.NET",
		"CSS", "HTML",
		"Java", "JavaScript",
		"JSP", "PHP",
		"Python", "Saas",
alert("Check the developers console after running me!");
Dash ClickIt ZPE

The biggest project which I'm working on current is the one that has gained a lot of attention. I refer to my Zenith Parsing Engine (or ZPE). This is a complete programming language and language parser all in one that has the goal of making learning to program much easier. It has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

Another major project is Dash, which has been downloaded approximately 2,500 times. Although not officially launched yet, people have been downloading it from my Download Center as a TAR file for months whilst it is being developed. I have stopped uploading the latest version to here, but will continue again soon.

Site accessibility

A lot of the original functionalities that once existed here have been removed.

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