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Welcome to my personal

I make computers do things.

My name is Jamie Balfour. This website is all about me. I am a computer scientist, web designer & developer, software developer, businessman, user-experience designer, computer language developer and secondary Computing Science teacher.

I keep my professional work separate from my personal work and life, so if you are in need of a website or anything else I offer, visit my business site at Jambour Digital.

My main interests and skills are in web development, digital design, computer language design, computer networking & VoIP phones, computer hardware, computer connectivity and networking, software development and in education with computer science.

Me in a suit

In a nutshell


I was born in Scotland in 1991 and given my first computer at age 7. I became really interested in computers and technology by the time I was finishing primary school at age 11 and was set on my path for the future.


In 2010, when I was 18 years old, I decided to get myself a personal website. As my skills improved in web development (which I was originally not interested in as I was a software developer), my website improved. In 2013 I rebuilt my website from the ground up and later again in 2017 with huge performance improvements. I often like to reinvent the wheel with my own take on it, so my website is completely hard-coded from nothing rather than relying upon libraries or precoded designs. I have developed my own libraries and tools that power my website including BalfBar, BalfComment, BalfPick, Dash, BalfRibbon and BalfSlider. The only libraries used across the whole site are the jQuery library and the D3 library. From 2019, parts of my website are now also powered by my own ZPE too.


I went on to study Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University in 2012 (you can read my dissertation here). In 2016, I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science. In 2019, I graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma of Education (PGDE) and became a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) teaching Computing Science.


I am currently a Computing Science teacher as well as a web developer and the proud managing director of my own company, Jambour Digital.

Hobbies, Skills & Interests

Main projects

The following are my main projects at the present time: