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Welcome to my personal

I make computers do things.

My name is Jamie Balfour. This website is all about me. I am a computer scientist, web developer, software developer, computer language developer and training teacher. I keep my professional stuff separate from my personal stuff and so if you are in need of a website, visit my business site at Jambour Digital.

My main interests are in web development, digital design, computer language design, computer networking & VoIP phones, computer hardware, desktop software development and in education with computer science.


In a nutshell


Born in Scotland and given a computer at age 7 by my parents, I became really interested in computers and technology by the time I was finishing primary school.


In 2010, when I turned 19 years of age, I decided to get myself a personal website. In 2013 and in 2017 I rebuilt the site and that's what you are visiting right now. I often like to reinvent the wheel with my own take on it, so my website is completely hard-coded from nothing. The only library used on the whole site is the jQuery library.


I went on to study computer science at university in 2012 and obtained a first class degree (you can read my dissertation here). In 2016, I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science. The next step after that was teacher training (PGDE) in 2018.


I am currently a Computing Science teacher and a web developer as well as the head of development and computer consultancy for Jambour Digital.

Hobbies, Skills & Interests

Web Development





Video editing



Main projects